Generation Z: Your Youngest Consumer

Those who are born 1995 onward are known as Generation Z and all sorts of industries have changed the way they do business, even in the world of education, to be able to relate to this generation better. Businesses are asked by industry experts to take their time to study and understand their habits.

Why? Because right now, they’re part of the urban consumer demographics. No doubt, Gen Z is well-integrated with technology. Let’s put it this way – Gen Z is technology.

These youngsters are so hooked to the digital world that they have been growing up on technology and Internet since before they could even speak. To know how Gen Z is impacting your business and to target them as your consumers, you need to understand how they think and behave and what their tastes are like.


Tech-trendy and up-to-date


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They want everything immediately.

They don’t mind saving and paying for the latest tech gadgets. Usually aged 13 to 20, they’re the ones who get all the latest trends from social media. And they’re also constantly updated. The average youngster spends more than three hours a day in front of a screen as they live in constant “FOMO” a hip word to describe ‘Fear of Missing Out’.

To keep up with them, you would need to be innovative and constantly come up with something new to excite and entice them. Apple for example, launches a new model of iPhone yearly, and among their main target markets are the tech savvy Internet generation.


Instantly connected


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People from Gen Z have taken their social life to social media. Studies have shown that more than 8 out of 10 are hooked on social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat – these have become their mode of communication as most of them prefer to talk online than in person.

And they always (ALWAYS) stay connected while hanging onto their mobile phones and leaving their computers on and online. If there’s any way to reach out the Gen Z, it’ll be through the social media. No businesses can operate without proper social media applications in today’s business world, so much so that companies are hiring social media managers to fill this need. Because chances are, your Gen Z consumers are already engaging themselves in these new social trends.


Branders, Advertisers and PR


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Companies and marketers need to realise that their young consumers have become expert branders, advertisers and PR themselves.

Gen Z has the power and control in getting the attention you need. They understand these acts can have major impacts on products and services: “liking” a photo or status, tagging photos and de-tagging, as well as reposting and sharing.

With the increasing volume of media by products, you need to plan your marketing strategies wisely to compete for their fleeting attention.

The people you should always keep a good relation with (and never offend) on the social media are these highly tech-savvy youngsters because they’ll be the ones who are going to viralise your brand, for free.

Text by Chris Tan

Pic by iStock