Must Have Website Features For All Businesses    

With most businesses going online today, you may want to invest a little more on your digital platforms, particularly your website which serves as a gateway to your business. Every little details count and knowing that our society wants fast and crisp details, websites should have browser and reader-friendly features.

Apart from simplistic look and feel with proper fonts and layout, there are few things that we need to pay attention to. No matter what you decide to put into your website, just ensure that these features are not sidelined.



Your website must carry a unique one. So always have a short bio of the company and the person or team behind it. It should at the very least paint a picture of what your company does and catalogue of products and services offered. Don’t forget to include contact details for customers or visitors to fall back on when they need it.


Short, easy to remember URLs

The last thing you want people to do is forget the name of your site because it’s too complicated or long. The name of your site should reflect your company’s name and if your organisation’s name is long or contains more than 2 words, find abbreviations or names that are synonymous with your brand.


Navigation or Search button

Whether you are a publication service or a retailer, this functionality should work like a breeze. Ensure your tags work like a charm so that visitors to your website don’t have to make multiple attempts to find something. The search button should also be discoverable and prominently placed.


Social media links

Having a website alone would not cut it. Your product, services and your company should be discoverable via all digital platforms so utilise social media  accounts and keep them active at all times to promote your company activities. Always link your social media accounts to your website and website to your social media accounts via easy click-and-link buttons.


Easy to play video features

It’s a big thing. All digital platforms are choosing video content as audiovisual story-telling is already a tech norm. Everything is becoming video friendly. It adds value to your products or services instead of just words to describe them. Well-worded descriptions are of course important but pair them up with powerful videos for that winning delivery.

Text by R.S. Kamini

Pic by Zero Due Design