5 qualities of a great boss

By Nazlin Amirudin

Are you reading this to get a few pointers on how to become a great boss or leader? Or are you checking on whether your boss is doing his/her job? Whichever it may be, here are some great qualities every boss or leader possess (whether some employees know it or not).

1. Work with everyone

s-1Image credit: yourthoughtpartner.com

One of the characteristics of a great boss is being able to work with everyone. Working together with employees to reach a certain goal or project is one quality that many bosses may not have. Being in a hierarchal environment definitely does not help in this, but the ones that overcome this obstacle and find the beauty of working with employees as opposed to assigning them all the work, are the ones that truly shine. We’re all in it together right?

2. Include everyone

This next to quality is something that works very well with the first quality. A great boss includes all his/her employees in everything; from asking their opinions on certain things to including them in meetings. Making employees feel included will make them feel like they are needed and crucial in the company. With this, it will bring forth a sense of responsibility from the employees.

3. Giving credit where it’s due

It’s easy to take credit for an achievement when you’re the boss right? Wrong. Just because you might have managed a team (or teams) in achieving something, all of it won’t go to plan if they weren’t there in the first place for you to manage. One of the crucial elements of a great boss is being able to recognise another person’s achievement and congratulating them for it. This way, employees will feel like a significant part of the company.

4. Realising potentials 

A good boss is one with a sharp eye for talent. Pin pointing a talent an employee has and then further helping them to develop that talent is something every great boss can do. This proves they’re not selfish in their own personal gains but are also aware of their surroundings and those that are ‘below’ them. Being able to help them in their journey to develop and grow is also something not a lot of bosses can do. So if your boss has done this for you, you’ve hit the great boss jackpot!

5. Egos in a pocket


Image credit: entrepreneurshiplife.com

All great bosses have their egos either safely tucked in their pockets or have them vanished from the earth (or maybe somewhere in between). Their ability to give others the opportunity to contribute ideas and give constructive criticism means that lessons can be learned while also having a diverse team of bright individuals. If you’re boss doesn’t kick you out of the room (or fire you) after giving your two cents on something, he/she is a keeper.