The Ultra-rich, whom are Ultra-modest.

Ever thought of what you’d do when the bank account has so many zeros, it literally blurs your vision? Cars, handbags, sprawling estates, lavish holidays, jewelry; the material and freedom that money can afford is bound only by your own imagination.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of…well you don’t need me to tell you that; and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Mr Buffet are possibly the two richest people in the world known for their annoying frugality in the way they spend their fortunes. The former, despite his near 50 billion net worth, apparently only drives a Honda. And the latter, has lived in the same house in Nebraska which he bought more than 50 years ago.

How much you are able to spend is obviously dictated by how much you make, unless you’re a typical young executive in Kuala Lumpur that lives on plastic cards from month to month then safe to say you are quite screwed. And not in the way that you’d enjoy. More money equals higher spending capacity, and higher spending capacity equals higher responsibility. Do a quick Google search and you’d come to realise how many silly individuals have made and lost their fortunes almost overnight – Mike Tyson is one such individual.

Google it and find out why – and it’s not because he bit off someones ear. Here are a few individuals who, without a doubt, would never have that problem. Ever.

Sir Paul McCartney

Despite a fortune of around 1.2 billion dollars, the music legend was said to have sent his kids to state schools rather than expensive private schools. Although that never hindered the development of his daughter, Stella, who went on to be a prominent fashion designer, the former Beatles man famously quoted, “I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy love”. Yea I suppose that’s true, unless you’re a fresh grad earning peanuts and wasting your time reading this post!

Jay Leno

This guy though, if you’ve seen his shows on YouTube under the Jay Leno’s Garage channel, you’d realise that he wears nothing more than jeans and denim shirts all the time, so often that you might question if that’s all he wears; despite an eye-watering fortune of over 300 million dollars. Famously known for his intense car collection, possibly more than any Prime Minister’s wife’s handbag collection, it was reported that none of which was bought using the money he made from the show but from his stand-up performances.

Dave Grohl

Formerly a drummer of grunge band, Nirvana, for those clueless, Bieber-loving generation, the Foo Fighters front man rocked and rolled his way to a handsome 260 million dollar net worth. Known to be one of the most grounded celebrities out there; if you remember he broke his leg at a recent concert and despite having every reason to be a diva about it and cancel the rest of the night, he got patched up and rocked on with a cast, sitting on a chair. Rumoured to be afraid of losing his millions as he has no education certificates to fall back on, Dave lives a quiet suburban live with his wife and kids.

Tyra Banks

Claiming to be frugal, the former supermodel who used to set the stage alight with the likes of Gisele Bunchen and Kate Moss, said that she has always been that way since she was young. She used to go through her allowance sparingly and makes sure she has some leftover to save. The 90 million dollar, America’s Next Top Model host, claims to still stock up on free hotel shampoos, soaps and shower caps, just like every one of us, despite her overwhelming wealth.

Jennifer Lawrence

With a measly 60 million worth of American money in the bank, the young but established actress attributed her savvy spending habits were instilled as part of her working, middle-class upbringing. When the Hunger Games star isn’t hunting down fictional opponents on set, she’s out hunting for bargains, drives a modest Volkswagen and even skimps on valets just to save the extra buck. “There needs to be respect for money”, claims the blonde beauty from Louisville, Kentucky.

Think you’re managing your tragic salary well enough? Well think again.