Self-discipline in Startups


Many people have big dreams of making it big or changing the world.

However, as ambitious they are, many people are easily distracted. And many have underestimated the problems of tardiness. People can’t seem to reach on time for appointments and meetings on time. Some missed appointments. Deadlines couldn’t be met. Some people don’t even have enough self-discipline to get up in the morning.

Being in entrepreneurship, showing up on time and for work says a lot about your character.  A person can stand out by just meeting of deadlines and commitments. Such attitude easily attracts contacts, contracts and opportunities to you.

Indeed, self-discipline with other ingredients such as ritual and commitment makes the success recipe for an entrepreneur.

And the quality of self-discipline commands respect of others which can be a tremendous advantage in life. Self-discipline can be powerful no doubt. When you focus your self-discipline on a single purpose, you realize your day passes by instantly. So, we’ve point a few quick concepts to think about when it comes to self discipline.


If you become aware of the importance of time, you’ll have a different concept of time. You’ll realize how your time has been used (or abused), invested, organized or let flow about at random.

You’ll be valuing time and realize how you’re using your time as well as how others are using your time.

Rather starting aimlessly, set achievable deadline. The rule is “There are no unrealistic goals; there are only unrealistic deadlines.” Don’t be afraid to change the deadline – for cause.


It’s important to stick to work hours when working for yourself. Thus, stick to a regular work routine just as you would if you’re working for someone else.

Create a to-do list everyday and make sure you meet every task’s daily deadline.

While you can be flexible with your time for instance, you may be at your best at nighttime and not so much a morning person, it doesn’t matter. Have a routine.

Also, set up a separate room in your house that’s exclusively used for work if you’re working from home.


Of course, you should not delay once your idea has been planned. Procrastination is the thief of time so you should move quickly. Be the winner and take the first step because they’re the ones who are willing to take one small step at a time until they reach the goal.