Kuala Lumpur August 2016- What if there’s a safe, non-invasive and effective alternative to a slimmer, more redefine faced shape?

Now an alternative solution by SOTHYS has arrived! The SOTHYS Advanced Research has developed the Perfect Shape Youth Serum, a face re-shaping, and firming serum that helps lift sagging facial contours and slim the features. This is inspired by the dermo-aesthetic techniques of ultrasound and lifting threads, which are the trending medical aesthetic procedures sought after by those who wish to see firmer, younger and sculpted features. These specialised treatments help reduce volume and increase skin firmness resulting in a slimmer, defined face shape. The difference is SOTHYS offers a non-invasive, effective and pleasurable alternative to delay such procedures, while re-firming and reshaping the face safely and effectively. So whether your face is round, square, oval or diamond-shaped, the youthful V-line contours of the face can be redefined and enhanced to help regain your perfect shape and youthful appearance.

sothyAt SOTHYS, we believe all women are created beautiful. Everyone has their distinct beauty and each face owns their unique shape.

However, over time, age and a stressful lifestyle take a toll on their true beauty. Physical changes will take place that will change the shape and structure of their features. At whatever age, biological or hormonal variations (weight gain, regimens, medications etc), may cause women to experience some form of heavy jowl, puffy cheeks, a wrinkled and puffy neck.

Women of every age group may still have certain expectations of their ideal appearance, ie. to see a slimmer face, a smoother neck line, more defined features and firmer facial contours because these point to a more youthful and beautiful appearance.


For women from 20’s of age there are many who desire a slimmer, V-shaped face.

With the new lifestyle with digital devices, a new condition known as the “text neck” has arisen, which is the wrinkle under the chin that continues along the neck. This is the result of the forward-bent position of the head caused by long hours spent on looking at smart phone.

For those aged 45 and above, due to biological, hormones and metabolic changes associated with age, faces will look heavier due to fatty deposits on the face and neck. Skin losses its firmness due to the decline of collagen density and elasticity. The face evolves progressively from a “V” to a “U” shape.

SOTHYS solution comes as a non-invasive, highly effective and ultra-pleasurable solution that combines professional facial treatment and home care product. The Perfect Shape V-Line Treatment can be offered as a stand alone treatment or add-on treatment on top of any SOTHYS facial. This treatment focuses on lifting and reshaping the lower part of the face while the home care Perfect Shape Youth Serum carries on its action at home by re-shaping and restoring your perfect oval.

Perfect Shape Youth Serum 30ml (RM450)


Using a combination of “dermo-mimetics” active ingredients,

1. Marine oligosaccharides associated with bigarade flower, these ingredient promote the release of fats from adipocytes (fat cells) and have an “anti-fat” effect similar to the ultrasound.

  • The face is visibly redefined, sculpted and regains the balance of a V-shaped face
  • The face, neck and décolleté appear clearly rejuvenated, as if lifted.

2. Ivy extract is renowned for its richness in flavonoids, and phenolic derivatives which is known for its decongestive properties.

With its “anti-water retention” action, ivy extract promotes drainage which. This is comparable to ultrasound which uses heat to improve blood circulation and lymphatic micro-circulation for improved elimination of toxins, better oxygenation and decongestion of the skin


Inspired by the lifting threads techniques which “suspend” the skin tissue and tightens the slack areas of the face and neck, two actives have been specially selected to provide the smoothing and lifting action to the skin.

  1. Manioc sugars visibly smooth out the lines by their “lifting” action at the surface. It provides an immediate smoothing and tightening effect on the skin surface to provide 3 dimensional lift.
  2. Peptides M 3.0 prevents and repairs skin damage caused by aging. It has a unique ability to protect and lengthen the lifespan of cells, to limit the signs of chronological aging. In addition, its “curative” ACTION (simulates the same action as lifting threads) by stimulating the production of genes responsible for skin restructuring and repair.

The benefit of this action is improvement of skin firmness through the generation of collagen that is responsible for smooth and firm appearance

3. Bioavailable silicium derivative prevents and repair skin damage caused by ageing. Its

“Silanol” technology is a patented technology that provide anti-ageing and skin restructuring in two forms.

1. “Preventive” ACTION, by protecting the cell membranes from attacks by free radicals.

2. “Curative” ACTION (simulates the same action as contour threads) which stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, keratinocytes and collage.


SOTHYS Perfect Shape Youth Serum is available at all SOTHYS Malaysia Corporate and Licensed Premium Salons and Kiosks nationwide. For the nearest SOTHYS salon or retail kiosk locations, please visit, FB/ IG: SOTHYSMalaysia.