What You Need To Know About The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction (LOA) likens people as magnets attracting what they think and feel from the Universe. It is a physical law that works for everyone – whether one believes in it or not. There is so much proof of the LOA working amongst successful people which can be seen re ected in the way they seem to attract more and more abundance into their lives.

Once you know how to work with the principles of the law of LOA and apply it to your life – you can bene t from its fruits and elicit wonderful, life-changing experiences.

There are many testimonies from people who claim that their lives have been changed after learning how to apply the techniques of LOA to their lives.

Here are some examples of the things you can gain by using the Law of Attraction the correct way:-

  • Attracting endless wealth and many resources of abundance
  • Finding true love
  • Having a sense of happiness, joy and peace more often and not
    only on special occasions
  • Getting a break from anxiety, stress and pressure in your daily life
  • Attracting positive experiences from “out of the blue”

There are entrepreneurs – especially those the startup stage who constantly need to meet clients. Amongst the challenges I hear about is:- “Why can’t I get the clients that I want?” Entrepreneurs continually share that their clients are fussy, demanding and do not listen to their suggestions, besides always asking for discounts.

Sounds familiar? So I ask them:- “What do you want?” And, they will answer back saying “I don’t want this, and I don’t want that.”

LOA matches your feelings or vibrations that you give out! There are only two kinds of vibes – either the positive or negative. Your feelings create those vibes. The word “vibration” simply describes the mood we are in or a feeling that we have. The universe receives these feelings and sends back the exact vibrations that match the ones you have. That is why it is so important to feel good, so you can get back positive vibrations that match the vibrations you are broadcasting.

Therefore, when you say:- “I don’t want fussy and demanding buyers!” Guess what type of clients you will most likely attract? Yes, exactly that in really fussy and demanding clients! So instead, what you can say is, “I am attracting buyers who are easy-going and accept what I o er to them happily!”

The principle of LOA suggest that when you use negative words, you will start getting the exact things that you don’t want. We think with words – therefore, it is important to know what words you should not use. Start by eliminating these three negative words that cause you to attract what you don’t want – like ‘don’t’, ‘not’, ‘no’ as well as other words with negative connotations.

Pattrick, an active proponent of LOA who is in the nancial industry, shares with us that after eliminating negative words from his thoughts, he now has a pool of clients who constantly refers clients to him that he wants.

Another important note to consider is to avoid using the word “want” when you focus on your goal as this sends out the message that you have to continue looking for something. Instead, use sentences like: “I am excited about the thought of… I like the idea… I am attracting… I love how it feels when…”

What happens when you find yourself attracting negative results?

When this happens, we term this as “contrast” (things that you don’t want) which instead you may need for “clarity” (things that you want). Once in a while, we may get some negative thoughts and results or something that we don’t want.

Therefore, you need to observe negative results; albeit brie y. Do not get frustrated for a long period of time. As I have mentioned earlier, LOA matches your feelings or vibrations and will give you more of the same. When you are getting negative results – you can always reset and reverse this, simply by asking “So, what do I want?”

Focus positively on what you want to achieve – then, you will change your “contrast” to “clarity” – and get what you want!

You don’t always get what you want – you get what you “vibrate”.