Internet Marketing Made Easy

To say that Internet has become increasingly popular in the society since the 90s would be an understatement. For the last 15 years or so, a multitude of global transformations take place in the arena of Internet and pretty much everyone’s attention has been diverted to the virtual reality space today.

Although digital marketing doesn’t only take place in the Internet, we can see how prominent Internet is in our lives today – from maintaining our interpersonal communication to sharing and retrieving information with one click away.

Without any hesitation, companies and businesses move along with the trend, directing society and consumers into the Internet space to understand their businesses. While there are many ways to carry out Internet marketing, these are the two universal elements which many companies are focusing on to promote their online presence.


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When someone is searching for a particular service or product on search engines such as Google, you would want to be right at the top of the search results. The higher rank your website is listed in the search result, the better.

So, Search Engine optimisation (SEO) has become the essence of Internet marketing.

If you want to increase the visibility of your company on search engines, understanding how SEO works is important.  SEO focuses on factors such as how search engines work, what people look for, and what keywords are typed into the search engines. By playing around these elements, you will increase the chances of your website to be seen and visited.

Of course, you can always seek for consultation from SEO companies based in Malaysia such as Nexus Media Works and Search Guru to help with the coding, keywords research and strategies to promote your website.

Social Media Marketing

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The term Social Media Marketing has become a norm. Basically, it is the process of gaining attention to your website through social media platforms. With social media, any enterprise whether it’s small or big, it can extend and reach out to more customers. Social media marketing focuses on creating contents that attract attention and encourages users to share it across their social networks. Aside increasing your website traffic, it raises awareness for your brand too.

To utilise social media marketing, learn the social media platforms available out there and no, we do not mean Facebook only. Social networking sites like Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn can be helpful in promoting websites and reaching out to targeted audiences depending on the content of the websites.

Whichever social media sites you might employ, remember: the key to social media marketing is to constantly engage audiences and maintain that connection and interaction as that pretty much makes up the world of customer service now.


By Chris Tan