Colours tell stories

Colours say a lot about a brand without the need for lengthy verbal cues or words. They can be very persuasive in attracting potential customers. Studies have shown that colours influence 60 to 80% of customer’s decision-making process. Learning up the language of colours can might help you in more ways than one. Here’s what we can learn from popular brands


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It may be deemed as the colour of anger and danger, but red also represents power and passion. There are studies that show that this colour increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Companies that use red are perceived or rather perceive themselves as a company that is powerful and passionate about their products and services.

Companies that use this colour: Coca-Cola, Air Asia, CIMB




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Symbolised as positive, sunny and optimistic, yellow is filled with high energy and most importantly, it is proven to be eye-catching compared to other colours. This makes it effective for point-of-sale messaging, being the most visible colour in daylight.  The colour also promises joyful and fun experiences.

Companies that use this colour: Ikea and McDonalds




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Similar to yellow, orange if full of life, adventure and enthusiasm. The colour orange indeed has a, warm, playful and childlike appeal. Its seen as a social and chirpy colour that appeals to all age group particularly, children.

Companies that use this colour: Nickelodeon & FireFlyz




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The elements that blue represents are quite interesting. While blue is always portrayed as a cool, calm and clear colour, it also represents trust, integrity, conformity and reliability. You would see this colour in communication and financial institutions. It also has the touch of serious business to its mission statements.

Companies that use this colour: Facebook & Samsung




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Green generally exhibits positive emotions and usually signifying growth, rebirth, youth, prosperity and abundance. Of course, green resembles the nature and mother earth hence some companies establish themselves as environmentally friendly brands with this colour. Green can also be seen as a representation of wealth and luxury.

Companies that use this colour: Starbucks & Animal Planet




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Black, no doubt, is pretty common throughout branding. Why, you ask? Well, going down to the very basics, black has the bold, powerful and classic effects that exude minimalistic, confidence and sophistication at the same time. Black can also be used to represent luxury and exclusivity.

Companies that use this colour: Guinness & Chanel


White /Off White

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Usually seen as simple, clean and pure, white connotes balance and calm. The human eye sees white as a brilliant color, so it instantly attracts when used in signage. Besides being associated with baby and healthcare products, you can see also this colour in car brands and technology.

Companies that use this colour: Apple & Toyota