5 most common methods to make some money online

….and a hell lot if you get it right!

1. Create a personal blog

Back in 2013, Scott DeLong was a one-man-show in the creation of the blog called ViralNova with only a few Googles ads on each page. It wasn’t before long when he started pulling in more than 6 figures a month and millions a year without funding or even the basic need of employing a team of full time staff.

But the trick instead was to capitalise on social-friendly stories with bizarre headlines that had exploded or would be exploding on Facebook and before we knew it, Viral Nova was hitting hundreds of millions of monthly readers. Guess what, he eventually sold ViralNova for numbers that are too long to write out.

2. Penetrate that app market

Remember Flappy Bird? That really addictive game, with 2D retro-style graphics which every simpleton was addicted to back in 2014? That game supposedly took founder Dong Nguyen only 3 days to develop. We all knew what happen there, the app market blew up and netted Nguyen a heck a lot of Dong. Get it? Making as much as $50,000 a day on the free app with only tiny mobile ad banners, Nguyen easily netted a cool million dollars by simply keeping it in the app market for 20 days.

And that’s just a figure we’re assuming! But we all knew what happened later on when Nguyen famously pulled the plug on the game, at the very peak of its fame, claiming that the game was “too addictive”. Very noble actually, cause we thought the only addiction in that whole deal was making money.

3. Get on that YouTube bandwagon

It’s easier said than done – making money in this game is as easy as removing a screw with your slippery fingers. Sometimes even personalities with more than 500,000 subscribers can find it hard to make ends meet. But get a good grip and plan of what you want to do and how you want to do it with maximum effect, coupled with great content and digital strategy, and you could just be on the right path to a lucrative career.

How far can one get you may ask; take Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg for example, he has reportedly made over $12 million to date. And that’s just by primarily reviewing games. Reviewing games! Others are making millions doing the same thing, reviewing toys, gadgets, vape juices, cosmetics and everything else under the sun. So rather than scrolling endlessly on Facebook all day, go work on that speech of yours and figure out a subject matter that you can discuss about endlessly and hit “record”!

4. Innovate something that everyone would want (like duhhh…)

It’s not easy to forget this quote – but Jack Ma, founder of Ali Baba once said, to make money, find a gap in society and invent something to fill that void. There can be no shortage of innovation in these technologically-advanced times. With every evolving so quickly, one new idea can supplement or even top an already exisiting brilliant idea. In Malaysia, just look at coexistence of the Touch ‘n’ Go and Smart Tag. Self-explanatory really.

So get off your lazy bum and start thinking, look around you. What are the processes of our daily lives that can be improved with a simple solution or an even simpler invention – we already have self-flushing toilet bowls. Maybe a self-aware nail clipper?

5. Get an idea funded on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

So what exactly are your options when you do think of a brilliant idea? Your parents have had enough with raising you and funding your unprofitable gaming addiction, so that’s out of the question. The government – well yea, but again they’re the government. Crowd funding? That could just be your saving grace.

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow talented innovators to submit their ideas or projects to the online community who like their ideas, to contribute money for their cause. Difference between the two is that, with Kickstarter you have to reach your targeted amount before you can claim the fund while Indiegogo allows you to collect the money regardless of how much was raised. Don’t believe it’ll work? Check out Pebble Watch and find out its story! Either ways though, you don’t get the dough, it all goes to your marketing and production allocation.

Boo hoo!