4 Keys to Writing Content That Readers Will Love

contentHave you ever posted a great idea online, but it failed to resonate or get shared? Content writing in the web is pretty simple, you need to provide your readers with value, solve a problem, answer a question or entertain. Sounds frustrating? Here are four keys to help you increase your chances for writing content that readers will love.


Be Practical

Great content needs to be easy to understand, yet useful in completing a specific task. According to a New York Times study, 94 percent of people say the reason they share content is because they believe it will be helpful. That’s why posts that offer 10 easy, helpful ways to do something perform well.

Another way to make your content sound interesting, is to inject humour into even the most practical content. However credibility matters as well, so back up what you write and people will come to trust you and be more likely to spread your content to others.


Write mobile-friendly copy

In 2015, Google announced that more people use mobile devices for searches than they do computers. Therefore it is important to imply concise writing for content publication. While it doesn’t mean writing shorter content, it does mean getting rid of words, phrases and sentences that you don’t need. The goal here is to tighten your writing by using shorter paragraphs, eliminating words like “very” and “just” and writing from a third party perspective. In other words, don’t write less, write better.

Shorter headlines are also easier to read while scrolling online, so keep headlines short and sweet.


‘How-to’ posts add value

Everyone loves how-to posts as they are valuable, helpful and make great pieces for online content. Here are a few pointers on writing how-to posts.

Choose topics by stepping into the shoes of your readers and imagining what they would like to learn.

Choose a simple working title that is specific to what your “lesson” is about.

Introduce the topic that sets the stage for the content to follow.

Include actual how-to instructions. Share examples and use links to other resources for further details.

An important tip to remember when you write how-to-posts, is to provide your readers with something that they can actually use and make them want to share it with others who will find it useful as well. Don’t dwell on your product or service. Instead, consider how you can enhance the knowledge of your viewers.


Use power words

Words can touch people’s heart on an emotional level. Hence if you integrate power words into your own writing, it will produce more engaging content that emotionally engages your viewers. There are literally hundreds of power words you can use to get readers into a specific mindset.

And, if you want readers to love what you write, then write concise and purposeful content from the heart. One of the best ways to do this is by writing with a flow. Also add in your own experiences, the ones that will help you to connect further with your readers and you will soon have a formula for writing content that is valuable and highly shareable.