roadNobody said that everything is easy. In fact, success is something that we have to work for. And often, it’s the harshest experiences in life that teach us the best lessons. These lessons, too, often propel us to success. Here’s 10 of them.


Your first step is the hardest

If you really want something you haven’t achieved yet, then you’re prone to get scared. In fact, the very first step you ought to take will be the hardest. But then again, that first step may prove to be so rewarding that the feeling of joy outweighs the fear.


Good things don’t happen overnight

Henry Ford didn’t have a successful company until he was 45. In fact, his initial venture into the automotive industry failed. But he tried and tried. This only goes to show that the good things in life take time to happen.


Being busy does not equate to productivity

There’s a difference between productivity and being busy. So ask yourself: are you busy working on a task that can lead to your success, or are you doing something else that not really helping you achieve your goals?


You can’t have majority control

It’s true that when you want something, the universe aligns to give it to you. But that comes at the expense of recognising that you cannot control everything. It all boils down to how you can optimize the things that you can control. It’s all in your attitude.


You are who your friends are

It’s painful but it true. So if you want to elevate yourself, surround yourself with people who can push you up instead of the opposite direction. Be friends with people who are already successful. But don’t forget that success is subjective so along the way, learn to be respectful.


It’s all in your mind

You can’t change the past. You can’t influence the future. But you can control the present. It’s the only thing that really matters if you’re treading the path to success.


Your self-worth is not bestowed by other people

You can’t be blessed or crowned with self-worth. Your sense of value should come from none other than you. So stop comparing yourself with others because in the end, your success is your own. They have their own successes, too.


You will never win everyone’s support

You must know by now that if you want to achieve something, even your closest friends will laugh at you. That’s normal, so you should know who to stick with. Free your time and protect yourself from unnecessary stress by hanging out with the people who can help you achieve your dreams.


You can’t be perfect

You’ll never be perfect. You can be excellent though. And if you achieve excellence or success, that should be enough to satisfy you. Never stress on the things you haven’t done. Celebrate what you’ve achieved instead.


Don’t be too fearful

What are you afraid of anyway? Take risks. Don’t spend the rest of your life being regretful of the things you should have done. While you’re at it, while you can do it, do it!