Startups to look out for in 2016 – Locally & Globally



bfabWhether it’s the ladies or gentlemen, everyone strives for fabulousness and Bfab now offers the option for you to be so. On its portal, there will be a host of vanity and wellness services available within a region made available for user to search and making their bookings.

Whether its hair removal, make up or other wellness services, it’s a portal looking to ease your selection and booking process for all things beauty services under one roof. Still in conception, the stage seems set for Bfab to, well, Bfab.



We have all been there before. Money’s been long deducted from accounts yet the item bought online is nowhere to be seen. This is where Postco comes in to provide a network of pick up points where buyers can collect their purchases from thoughtfully-selected, strategically-located, safe locations like laundries, pharmacies or even convenience stores.

Definitely one to look out for since convenience is what everyone looks for nowadays with the technology made available to serve.

100% Project


With the recent announcements made with regards to all sorts of budget cuts in the education sector, there’s no better time for such a “project” to surface; and it must have seen this coming considering it only started late 2015. 100% Project is a crowdfunding platform to raise some money to fund any school-related projects whether its fieldtrips or classroom apparatus’ with an aim to provide the best in all educational aspects to school children.




opiniaOpinio is another Bangalore startup making the list. Opinio is an on demand food and grocery startup which connects customers with restaurants, grocers, laundry services and pharmacies. With over 80 employees and $8 Million in funding some of its investors include Accel Partners, Sands Capital Ventures and Delhivery.



Save is a promising startup with headquarters in Paris that provides smartphone repair services with transparent pricing both on-demand and retail locations. Founded by Damien Morin, the company has raised $17 Million from IDInvest Partners and 360 Capital Partners.




They say it’s the thought that counts, but anyone who’s received an abundance of unwanted gift cards knows the amount of waste caused by a well-intentioned gift can be truly astounding. It is estimated that 47% of UK consumers receive more than one gift card a year — resulting in the £1bn worth of wasted and unused credit.

Zeek helps turn this credit into cash by allowing people to easily sell their unwanted gift cards well before their expiration date. At the same time, users can purchase gift cards at a discounted price, even off seasonal sales.

Zeek has come a long way since its inception just three years ago. Founded by Daniel Zelkind, Ziv Isaiah, Uri Levine, and Itay Erel the startup has shown tremendous growth, expanding across two continents and securing around $3 million in funding. In just 6 short months, their app was used by over 100,000 users, saving them more than 5M GBP.

With all the success of 2015, 2016 is set to be Zeek’s best year yet. The company just launched a promising TV campaign, securing their place as the UK’s most prominent service for gift card buying and selling. They also plan to continue their international expansion, dominating new markets beyond the UK.