Startup investment firm accepting applications until June 24

Nexea Angels, a leading startup investment firm, is calling for submissions for their Startup-Corporate Pilot Program until June 24 to start in July.

Leading startup investment firm Nexea Angels Sdn. Bhd announced the launch of its Startup-Corporate Pilot Program today and is calling for applications until June 24 and will formally begin in July.

The program held in partnership with Digi, HELP University, Rhombus Connexion and Spritzer aims to bring together local technology startups and corporations for the purposes of identifying and exploring potential collaborations among them.

“Many startups desire a working relationship with corporate entities but many too are unable to attain it due to various reasons. So, this year, besides running our regular Startup Accelerator Program we are bringing something different to the ecosystem – a platform where startups have direct access to corporations so they can explore potential collaborations.” said Ben Lim, Managing Partner of Nexea.

He added he was delighted that Digi, HELP University, Rhombus Connexion and Spritzer join in on our mission to help provide expert insights and opportunities for startups in Nexea’s program.

Alex Foo, Head of Strategy and Transformation at Digi said that the telco share a common believe with Nexea, in which corporations and startups have a big role to play in fostering the growth of both innovation and innovators in the coutnry.

“By partnering with Nexea’s Startup-Corporate Pilot Program, we hope to play a role in building the local startup ecosystem by sharing our knowledge and expertise in building businesses, while exploring collaborative opportunities with startups and jointly bring new innovations to market,” Foo said.

Adam Chan, executive director of HELP International Corporation Bhd said that the education company was confident that the resources of all both parties combined could potentially be the catalyst to “unearth the next unicorn”.

“As HELP University embarks on its transformation plan to become an analytics-driven institution and one that provides our students with the opportunity to test their entrepreneurial acumen, working with Nexea provides the platform for our students and graduates to embark on this journey,” Chan said.

Meanwhile co-founder of Rhombus Connexion Kent Chua said teaming up through Nexea to work closely brilliant young minds, to tap on to their wild ideas and play a role in shaping the world’s future today.

“In the era of disruption we face today, it is an “innovate or die” situation for corporates,” Chua added.

Meanwhile, Kenny Lim, CEO of Spritzer Bhd., said while the market was already moving towards modernisation whether we like it or not, it is the spirit of entrepreneurship that is the first step to making an idea into a conglomerate.

“Spritzer is a home grown brand, the entrepreneurship spirit is one of the factors that makes us to be where we are at today. One of our roles here is to share what we have learned, so others can shine,” Lim said.

Through the program, startups will get an opportunity to explore pilot projects with these organizations, validate business with feedback from them, explore real-world product testing and build up traction by having these organizations as potential customers.

In addition, startups will also get support from mentors from Nexea and have an opportunity to get funded by Nexea and its co-investment partners. The investment firm is looking to enroll startups in the areas of connectivity, fintech, Internet of Things, SME solutions, food and beverage, education, healthcare and home services.

The Startup-Corporate Pilot Program is open to Malaysia-based startups ranging from ideation stage all the way to pre-series A.

Experienced entrepreneurs, CEOs and heads of innovation from the participating organizations will get involved in the program. With this approach to collaborations, Nexea hopes to accelerate corporate innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0).

Nexea has experienced mentors where most of them are entrepreneurs, half of them have held C-level positions like CEO and some of them have successfully brought companies to initial public offering (IPO) in their team.