MTW’19 Tackling Hard Topics Right Off The Bat

Venture capitalists discussing the intricacies of entrepreneurship

Directly after the official launch of the Malaysian Tech Week 2019 (MTW’19), organised by Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation and Knowledge Group of Companies, comes a series of exciting events and panel sessions targeted towards tech startups, entrepreneurs and key industry players.

Entrepreneur Insight has the pleasure of attending several of these panel sessions and learning from the industry’s greatest minds. In one of the sessions, Malaysian telco companies are addressing this disruption caused by Over-The-Top (OTT) services, how to maintain profitability, while and creating a symbiotic universe where both can co-exist.

In another panel session titled “Where Is The Money”, venture capitalists gather together to discuss the future of startups, and what are key advice they would give to budding entrepreneurs. Michael Lints from Golden Gate Ventures made an interesting comment, “Companies should focus on solving local problems. Down the road, they will realise that a similar problem exists elsewhere in the world, and your solution will be easily replicable in that scenario as well.”

Speakers for the “Scale Fast and Scale Smart using Tech Platforms” panel session

Li Meng Lee, Chief Strategy Officer of Razer Inc, voiced out a different outlook in another panel session titled “Scale Fast and Scale Smart using Tech Platforms”. “Companies should look global and don’t focus on a particular small market. You may have a revolutionary idea, but the market may not be ready for it yet,” said Li.

Despite debates and various conflicting opinions, the second day of MTW’19 can be summarised in a unified voice via a comment by Catherine Lian, Managing Director, IBM Malaysia. “Put digital transformation the heart of your organisation. Transform your company to where relevancy is,” said Catherine.