1. Have a personal mission statement

In the same way as a business has its own vision, mission, and goals, you should have a personal mission statement as well. Internalise this statement and carry it with you as you go about your business. The way you think does wonders to your business – believe it or not.


2. Always have a plan

How will you implement your personal mission? Through a solid plan. You’d have to have short-term and long-term goals that will serve as your milestones as you achieve them. You’ll stay motivated because you’re achieving your goals one step at a time.


3. Have a routine

And with that, we mean a healthy morning routine. A healthy routine helps you set your mind and body before you start the day. It helps you focus and it helps you to stay alert. Create new habits from your routines to help you regain your perspective.


4. Have some time for yourself

You can’t always be working on and in your business. Have some time to distance yourself from your business. Enjoy yourself. Take a break just so you can do the things you love. Not depriving yourself your own time will help maintain the balance between yourself and your business.


5. Plan ahead – always

You might be taken off your business routine at times and if that happens, you have to have the ability to take yourself back into it. Don’t lose focus because of unnecessary distractions. If necessary, set reminders for the things that you’re supposed to accomplish.


6. Reward Yourself

If you hit a milestone, reward yourself! If you hit a goal or accomplished a milestone, celebrate! Small victories soon pile up paving the way for major celebrations.


7. Welcome friends

Remember your friend at school who always causes you to be pressured? He or she’s probably the perfect one to hook up with. Friends sometimes give reasonable pressure for you to stay on track.


8. Seek for inspiration

If you feel like you’re no longer motivated, then seek inspiration outside of your comfort zone. Go see a movie, travel to other places, meet new people, or enjoy a new experience. You might not know when that light bulb moment will hit, so feel free to enjoy yourself.


9. Always stay positive

Worry is useless. Being problematic is useless. If something goes wrong, have some positive talk with yourself. Remember, if it can be solved, there’s no use worrying about it.


10. Get enough sleep

That’s right! If you feel like you haven’t had enough sleep, take a rest. You need your body to work with you. Your brain has to have a rest period, too. On top of that, your psyche needs to replenish. After all, it’s where your motivation is coming from.