Why Should Entrepreneurs Invest In Personal Image Refinement…?

Because it’s time to have “The Image Factor” in order to make an impact to improve profitability!

It’s time to undergo a “Change in your Image”. Whether you are an entrepreneur or leader – in order to make more money, advance your cause further and ensure your business becomes more profitable – an image makeover will also enable you to have more satisfaction in what you are currently doing!

Are you showing up powerfully as a leader, the “spokesperson” or the “face” of your own business brand? Do you feel confident and composed like a world-class leader regardless of the circumstances? Well, it is time you did just that!

We can’t all be salespeople but entrepreneurs should be able to tell their story with poise and confidence. Selling is a key business skill. However, not everyone is blessed with the gift of the gab or suited for a sales career. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to be able to at least market ourselves with the right image. For entrepreneurs, the ability to convince others that you are a credible person and someone whom they can do business with, is key to building the “image factor” for you and your business brand.

Here are The 10 Commandments for Image Refinement Tips that entrepreneurs can use in the marketplace to open doors and improve profitability:-

1. Dress Well And Appropriately

To win trust, an entrepreneur’s personal image is the walking advertisement of not only his or her own personal brand but that of the corporate image branding as well. Whether it is one person or a thousand people, always remember to dress for your audience.

HOT TIP: You have to look polished and professional. Above all, dress for success for all public occasions. When in doubt, dress more formally than your audience.

2. Make The First Impression Count

Make the first 30 seconds count! It’s somehow ironic that people say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” because that is exactly how people judge a book. Books are judged by their respective covers, houses are appraised by their curb appeal, and people – especially entrepreneurs are initially evaluated on how they dress and behave, their poise and posture as well as the manner in which they speak.

In a perfect world, this is not fair. What’s inside should count a great deal more. And, eventually it does – but not right away. In the meantime, a lot of opportunities could be lost. Wardrobe, grooming, your vocal tone and body language, are apparent to others. These factors can paint a picture of you as competent, professional, reliable, knowledgeable, elegant, classy, poise, powerful or otherwise. Appearance counts not only fir first impressions, but also in ongoing interactions.

HOT TIP: When meeting someone or a prospect for the first time, it is important to know that people pay less attention to what you say and more towards the visual impression you make.

3. Build Your Personal Brand with Authenticity

Your Personal Brand is how you appear to the world and stakeholders. Therefore, beyond that, a strong brand is preferable to one that is unpolished and uninteresting. Once people know who you are and begin to identify you with a specific area of expertise, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the go-to person in your niche or industry.

HOT TIP: Nurture your niche and passion and turn it into a strong authentic brand that is unique and personal. Establish the roadmap for recognition and build your authority and own following.

4. Speak With Knowledge & Power

If you are looking to increase your visibility for better opportunities and profitability, then you should be speaking on stage on a regular basis. Naturally, this will mean developing your communication skills. If you speak in exactly the same manner as others, you will never stand out from the crowd. Speak from a place of knowledge and power. Show that you know what you are talking about and answer questions confidently in a way that serves your audience.

HOT TIP: Start small and keep building up your speaking engagements as they are great opportunities to be seen and heard. Offer the greatest amount of value you possibly can wherever you go. You will soon see an increase in business and profitability.

5. Have An Authentic & Unique Personal Style – It Is More Than The Clothes You Wear

Style preferences play a big role in one’s identity, and every famous entrepreneur has his or her own personal style. Think of the signature outgoing style of Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg who is famed for his grey T-shirts, Elon Musk for his sporty natural style, Oprah Winfrey with her warm-hearted compelling personal style, Jack Ma and his relaxed casual look. Think of celebrities and public figures you can name who possess a distinct style which plays a part in making them who they are.

Top entrepreneurs are no different. A distinct personal style helps converge with overall appearance, individual personality and wardrobe selection to make entrepreneurs stand out wherever they go and whatever they do. What these individuals have is their inherently individual, distinctive and original style.

HOT TIP: Your personal style reveals individual power which carries a message. Style can be learned and developed – starting with consulting an image consultant.

6. Mastering Small Talk To Engage & Connect

Entrepreneurs constantly interact with people, including customers and clients, employees, financial institutions, investors, lawyers and accountants, to name a few. The ability to establish small talk for building positive rapport and relationships is crucial to the success concerning the entrepreneur’s venture and profitability matters.

TIPS: Adopt a conversational approach to empower your personal effectiveness and business for profitability.

7. Understanding Body Language Is Much More Powerful Than Any Word Said

Believe it or not – being able to read body language well can take you further – whether it relates to business or personal matters.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what you are saying with your body language or how you are coming across to others? As an entrepreneur, especially in business, it is imperative to learn how to spot positive and negative body gestures. This will not only help you to read other people like your clients – you will also become more aware of how your body language is being perceived by your clients. This skill will help you in your business and lead you to have better communication and interactions with your other stakeholders.

HOT TIP: The way you communicate with others ultimately determines the quality of your relationships as well as the profitability of your business.

8. Develop Your Own Charisma & Become More likeable

Likeability is one of the key traits of successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Charisma can be learned and practised to apply to your behavior that can possibly make you seem more magnetic, trustworthy and influential. If you’ve ever met someone likeable and yet you can’t explain specifically why you like them – then, they probably have charisma.

HOT TIP: Master “Presence” which is the most important aspect of possessing charisma.

9. Write Thought Leadership Articles & Participate In Interviews

In a disrupted economy, entrepreneurs are movers, shakers, innovators, disrupters and creators. Thought leaders are in demand as they are now known as key opinion leaders (KOL) and market influencers. Thought leadership and interviews establish your credibility. Others will see you as the expert and an authority in the area of your subject matter. Getting coverage in the media and publications is a powerful way to show that you know what you are talking about. This will give you the opportunity to build a connection to increase your brand authority and profitability.

HOT TIP: Voice your opinion.

10. Be a Student of Your Industry: Start By Investing In Lifelong Learning

No matter how well you know your industry or area of expertise, it would be wise to remember that things are changing at a faster rate than ever before. It is therefore wise to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to stay relevant. The profit is yours as an entrepreneur to reap later if you continue to learn, develop new skills and grow with new knowledge. As you begin to refine to sharpen your personal image and brand, the right opportunities will soon be knocking on your doors.

HOT TIP: Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, as self-discovery is the first step towards Personal Image Refinement.