What To Do When You’re Doubtful

Thinking of a new idea causes one to be excited. The overwhelming positive feelings contribute to a sense of optimism, and compels one to take action. But there are times when one experiences doubt for one reason or another. If you experience doubt, what should you do?

Identify where doubt is coming from

Doubt begets doubt. It’s like a snowball of sorts because it takes with it other seemingly related factors. So to avoid confusion, what you can do is to identify where doubt is coming from. Was it from a discouraging comment? Was it from a less-than-impressive result?

When you narrow down the possible sources of doubt, you’ll be able to think of a clear solution on how to handle it.

Doubt can sometimes be positive

When you’re doubtful, you’re prone to think about the status quo. You’re bound to think about the ‘answer’ to your problem. In the process, you might stumble upon a new idea. As a result, you might experience a breakthrough.

This can happen as doubt can help you analyze and reconsider your approach to something. It lets you eliminate irrelevant factors and to focus on the more important ones. It prompts you to think about a better way to address a problem.

Eliminate insecurities

The moment when one experiences the greatest doubt is when he or she is closest to success. In today’s society, we have things easy. With one click or push of a button, we get to where we want to be. We get impatient when we’re made to do two or three things before we get what we want. On top of that, we have the attention of a goldfish. We want things to be easy, accessible, and convenient.

The good thing about this is, when we want to achieve success, we work hard so we can get it. If success for us means turning a 3-step process into a single step, then we look for ways to achieve that. That’s because we know that not achieving it takes its toll on our sense of security.