Unwinding from Work

Lifestyle - Unwinding from work

Spending a good 8 hours at work and say another 2 hours on road – depending on the traffic we brave to and from work – is enough to drain our energies. If you have a family, you barely have time for yourself as your typical day would include taking care of your spouse’s and children’s needs.


But its important for you to unwind after work or at the very least during your off days to avoid a burnout. Its easy to cave in with all those stress and expectations at work and home and pulling yourself back up would be more difficult so instead of allowing the exhaustion get the better of you, here are a few things you can do to unwind calm yourself down everyday.


Get off the grid

Switch off from all your devices – phones, tabs and laptops. Its not as difficult as it seems. Sure, it takes a bit of getting used to but its not impossible. This doesn’t mean you run away from your tasks but ensure that your workmates, especially your boss, understands that you are one of those who switches off from work after designated working hours. Work will never end but your company must learn to respect your off days. There’s a reason why its called ‘off’ hours or days, after all. Switching off will force your mind to look for other activities. Leverage on it and go with the flow. If you are worried that your children or family members are spending too much time on their gadgets, this exercise may influence them to get off the grid too.


Put on some music

Instead of television, put on some music and enjoy them while having your meals or doing other household chores, if you’re not the type to kick up your feet and relax. Tastes differ so your choice your music your call but acoustic music is known to have some therapeutic elements.



Yes! colouring for adults is the latest craze. Companies are even investing into research on how colouring activities are helping adults to unwind. In fact, stores are selling colouring pages featuring beautifully designed mandalas to call them ‘zen kit for adults’. Apparently, random colouring style and patterns get your mind to focus on the activity, which turns colouring into a conscious meditative process. We say, let that inner child out!


Take a drive

Not to the mall – or you risk gathering more stress from weekend traffic and spending hours to look for parking – but to the park for a picnic or a jog; the waterfalls for that natural water therapy or to the nearest hiking spot. You are not required to achieve anything here. Just the fact you’ve made some effort to be closer to nature is enough to send the right signals to your brains. Let your body and mind do the rest of the healing job. This is best done alone or with your partner. Some can handle children in the picture but some may find it hard so find the best way to manage your companions.


Cook or dine healthy

You spend every meal hour at work eating outside and most of the time, we don’t resort to healthy choices. The Indo Mee at the mamak may seem like a healthy choice but you’re still feeding your body MSG, trans fat and gluten albeit in small portions. When you get off work but you’re not in the mood to cook, pick out something healthy. Its best if you could spend about 30 minutes whipping something up for your and your family. There are ample sites that provide quick tips to preparing healthy meals that doesn’t require much effort, time or money. Plus, eating at home helps you save loads of money. Its extra work but it will be worthwhile for your health and your wallet.



If working out doesn’t cut it, do some yoga. They are cheaper than your average gym fee and they can really help you stretch and flex. If you do it often enough, not only can you lose weight but you will gain so much of flexibility and peace that you can run to it every time you need it and by yoga, we don’t only mean those ‘impossible-looking’ stretches, it can also be simple breathing and relaxation techniques that you can learn and do at home without close supervision. This can be totally therapeutic.


Get a massage

Check out discount sites that gives you unbelievable discounts on spas and massage therapies. Grab them and go for it. If you’re too busy on weekends or are not willing to drive out, there are mobile spas that will come to you and customise their services to suit your needs. Sometimes, a tinge of lemongrass or lavender oil can do wonders to your senses.



This is a classic way of unwinding. If you do have the time, pick out a book. Any book. Pour yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy the moment. If your off days are task driven, prioritise your activities and promise yourself an hour or two of ‘me time’ and stick to it. If its after work hours, don’t go to bed with all the stress only to wake up feeling drained and repeat the same race again. Allow yourself a hot salt bath and do some reading before your call it a day.