Too Busy To Go On Vacations? Try These Tips

Let’s face it. We are always busy. Either with work, business meetings, overseeing projects or household chores on days that you decide to switch off from your hectic entrepreneurial schedule.

Sometimes, before we even realise, it would have been years since you’ve taken a break or gone on a vacation but we at Entrepreneur Insight have pulled together some tips that will ensure you go on that deserving break.

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Always have a prepared suitcase

No many enjoy a suitcase life but yet you want to travel the world. Here’s a trick you can follow. Always keep a suitcase ready. Throw in your holiday clothes and a set of toiletries and other essential needs like the extra cable, charger and footwear and just let them be there. The idea? So that you don’t have to waste time packing and you will ensure all your essentials are covered. On days you need to travel, you can simply throw in more clothes and zip them up. Another trick is for you to roll up clothes into tiny rolls (Just YouTube travel hacks and you will find ample ways to maximize space) so that you can ensure that your luggage bag can fit most, if not all of your needs inside one bag.


Leverage on business trips

If you are a business traveler, chances are you may not enjoy travelling as much. But what you can do is leverage on your work trips even if its two-days long. Make sure you get that nice dinner, or take time to visit that favourite spot or try on a local favourite while you are on your trip. Try and schedule your meetings at venues that will let you soak up local delights so that you can make your business trip an enjoyable one.


Go solo

Look at it this way. You are working most weekends when your friends are available for an outing. Sometimes, going solo doesn’t necessarily mean you will be lonely. It’s a great way to meet people and make new contacts. If you are more reserved, going solo really helps with contemplating or connecting with yourself. You will be surprised to see how much you will learn about yourself when you go on these solo trips. In addition, you don’t need to please anyone or follow anybody else’s schedule. You are free to make your own arrangements at your own pace and be at peace at all times.


Make random plans and just go

You can choose your location but don’t worry so much about planning your meals, stays, or itinerary. Be random, take a chance (maybe not with accommodation if you are travelling during peak periods) but yes to everything else. Get to your location, walk around or drive around and discover things. If you have buddies who can enjoy such random decisions, then you are in luck. Otherwise, doing this on your own works too. But most importantly, just ensure that you go for it instead of contemplating on pros and cons or over-planning.


Be connected

Build a connection via social media. Check out travel blogs, forums and social media groups like couch surfers and other hospitality sites. If you need assistance, you can always pop a question online or get advise on what to do, where to go and what to see, all for free from reliable sources.


*Text by R.S. Kamini