Startup ideas that are sure to take off

You really wish you are independent and financially free and are toying around the idea of starting up winning business plan. Congratulations! As you’ve taken the first step towards self-reliance. If you are new to the scene of entrepreneurship and are looking at starting small, here are some business ideas that you can operate from anywhere within Malaysia or the region, for that matter.

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If you can write well in English, Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia, you’ve got yourself a sea of opportunities to explore. Almost all organisations require digital content management services so you can market yourself as a package, providing writing, proofreading, editing, subbing and website content management services. Speak to freelance writers and editor and website content developers and learn how much they charge for their services. Package your strengths with a competitive pricing scheme and put in some effort to secure content contracts and ensure you deliver. Deadlines and quality content the most important thing when it comes to editorial and content management, particularly if there are publications involved.


Food truck fad is growing stronger and stronger. So if you’ve got a niche food segment that you’d like to introduce, don’t think twice. Food and beverage, as we learned, is one industry that will constantly bring in customers even when times are bad and as long as you have the right product and the capacity to meet the demands, you’ve got the potential to grow big. Find a truck, fit in a mobile kitchen, get your licensing and find a hotspot (a mix of educational institutions and office buildings). If you are hiring helpers, make sure they are trained to treat customers well and expand your business via social media. But remember these: Try and not cause traffic by double or triple parking and risk your truck getting towed away and always maintain good hygiene and reasonable pricing


It can be your typical flea market or weekend market scenario. The latest fad is to hold food truck carnivals and considering there are so many options out there, you can actually benefit from this. Start up a brand and gather food trucks to have a weekend food fest or leverage on existing weekend flea markets or car markets and expand them to other states. Your only challenge is to secure an open space to accommodate the crowd and manage traffic consistently to be seen as a responsible organiser.


No, we are not asking you to start a shipping or logistics company – although we are not entirely pushing the idea away! If you’ve got the money to secure a shipping container or remodel an old one, turn it into a classy looking diner or kiosk. The idea has been trending since 2014 but they are a rare sight here. Should you work close to an industrial area, you can consider tapping into the foreign workers market. Apart from packages food and fruits, you could provide mobile recharge services, money transfer services or Internet services but ensure they are reasonably priced. In fact prices can be lower than the average rate if you are catering to construction workers as they make it for it in terms of numbers.


Think along the lines of Be Malas and Kaodim. Busy people are everywhere. You can either provide specific services or a range of services if you have the capacity and manpower and in no time, you’d be a celebrated service provider. It can range from doing groceries, to delivering lunch, to sorting out cleaning services, laundries, babysitting, sorting out documentations, postal services and the whole range.


You can be extremely good at positively psyching people to stick to that juicing or workout regime or maintaining inner peace via some meditation or relaxation techniques. You can leverage on this and start with family and friends but don’t forget to establish the fact that you’re doing this as a business and they should respect you as a professional. Find an identity for your coaching services and expand you network. With proper marketing, you can score big on this one.