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SOTHYS, the leading French professional beauty brand since 1946 has been providing professional beauty solutions and partnering with professional aestheticians for over 70 years. To celebrate her 70th birthday, SOTHYS the CREATOR OF BEAUTY AMPOULES, is celebrating women (and men) by “giving back”. How? By empowering women (and men) with the transformative power to make a difference in the way they feel and look. Consumers can now experience the “after-facial” glow and great looking skin in the convenience of their own home. This contribution is now accessible through the new Essential Beauty Ampoules range.


SOTHYS beauty ampoules are concentrated serums which are sealed in a vacuum sterile vial. Ampoules are normally administered during the facials in salon treatments and give SOTHYS facials it’s remarkable and visible results.

SOTHYS understands that not every one has the luxury of time and the resources to step into a salon for a facial. There is the young executive, the busy mother, a student, or even a gentleman who may desire to enjoy beautiful post-facial looking skin, ie. the remarkable skin smoothness and glow, but may not have the time or means to visit. Now, with the SOTHYS Essential Ampoules, customers, between age 20 onwards can enjoy immediate and long term, after-facial looking skin at their convenience and comfort, anywhere and anytime. Looking good has never been so easy, accessible and affordable.

As single dose beauty products have been gaining popularity with customers, SOTHYS will be meeting a huge demand by offering this precision dosed, potent and high results with this range.

These ampoules bring the effects of a professional facial right into the hands of customers. It is priced affordably at RM190 for 7 ampoules in a box.

The Essential Ampoules comes in a series of four variants to cater to different skin types and concerns. The easy-to-use re-sealable plastic ampoules are meant to be utilized with existing skin care regime for a greater outcome. Results are almost instantly seen and felt with the concentrated active ingredients that easily reach the lower levels of the skin to bring about outstanding results.

The Oxygenating Essential Ampoule. For Rosy glow and calm freshness. It is targeted to boost skin metabolism and energize dull, stressed skin A perfect formula to help speed and improve post-acne phase conditions. Complex of Soy Extract and Vitamin B8 is known for its metabolism optimization and triggers the growth of skin-smoothing factor, collagen and elastin. Also contains the active Hammamelis to calm inflammation and redness of the skin. It gives a peaceful de- stressing treatment to the skin, giving it a fresh glow and rosy complexion.

The Hydrating Essential Ampoule. For re-plumped, supple skin. Lives true to its name. It’s a powerful thirst quenching treat for thirsty skin. The High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (HMW HA) forms a protective and hydrating film on the skin surface. PCA salt contributes its hygroscopic (water attraction) strength while Vegetable Glycerin holds water within, ensuring the skin is drenched in maximum hydration. Additional softening properties are provided by Aloe Vera extract which is rich in vitamin A, B, C, E minerals and amino acids. Skin is re-plumped with moisture, fine lines are smoothened and healthy skin hydration is restored.

The Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoule limits the appearance of ageing. Protects skin from the free-radicals that breaks down the collagen and elastin causing wrinkles and sagginess. These actions are completed by the active ingredients Argan tree polyphenol and Ellagic Acid. HMW Hyaluronic Acid is also added into this ampoule for its protective film what wraps around the top skin cells further smoothing up the skin surface.

The Brightening Essential Ampoule for luminous glow and prevents dark spots. Contains a synergistic complex of 6 botanicals (blackberry bush, saxifrage, grape, skullcap, sophora and kiwi) that limit the formation of dark spots and new melanin. Exfoliation is indispensable when it comes to a skin brightening regime. Thanks to the skin-friendly Grafted Glycolic Acid and Prickly Pear extract, skin is provided a natural exfoliation to help skin maintain a luminous and even complexion.

Essential Ampoules gives the best results when used at a regular and consistent period of time. It is just like having a monthly facial. The more consistent usage, the more distinctive healthy skin will stand against time.

Recommendations for usage are one box (7 vials) a month which to be utilized in 7 days successively as an intensive home treatment. For those who wish to pursue an extended course of treatments, it can even be used daily, up to a duration of one month, with specific combinations of variants to bring about a beautiful transformation to the skin It can also be incorporated into the daily regime for that extra benefits and address specific skin concerns

For your own personalized prescription, drop by SOTHYS retail kiosk at Sunway Pyramid LG1.22 or Plaza Gurney (170-G-K13A).

Launch Specials

Essential Ampoules are retail at RM190 per box (7 pieces).

For this launch period,

Enjoy a 10% discount of 3 boxes in a single receipt. Special price RM513 (NP RM570). Purchase the next box at RM95 (NP RM190) in the next calendar quarter.

Terms and conditions apply.


Enjoy 15% discount on 4 boxes in a single receipt. Special price RM646 (NP RM760).

Purchase the next 2 boxes for only RM190 (NP RM380) in the next calendar quarter.

Terms and conditions apply.

Enjoy the advantage of #FacialAnytime at the comfort of your own home and time now!

SOTHYS Essential Ampoules are available at all SOTHYS Malaysia Corporate and SOTHYS Licensed Premium Salons and kiosks nationwide., FB: SothysMalaysia.