MINI Malaysia Introduces the New MINI

Modern-day icons arrive in Malaysia in new style with innovations in driving technology, cutting-edge connectivity and urban living appeal to explore more corners of the country.

Kuala Lumpur, 13th July 2018 MINI Malaysia, the most sophisticated compact premium automotive brand in the country today introduced the New MINI for the very first time for the generations of the New Malaysia. 

Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications of BMW Group Malaysia said, “The New MINI represents the latest and finest of the technological and design excellence of a car brand that has had an iconic and illustrious appeal that has been transcending generations since 1959. The MINI of this generation is the perfect companion to explore every corner of a new and progressive country with unparalleled ease, meeting modern and premium needs with style to stand out and be noticed.

Kidd Yam, Head of MINI Malaysia, meanwhile said, “Since the introduction of the third generation MINI in 2014, we have seen more than 1,500 units delivered in Malaysia, accounting for more than half of the total deliveries of MINI vehicles here. Malaysians clearly love the thrill of the Go-Kart Driving capabilities that is signature to the MINI brand, combined with the current and modern enhancements built harmoniously into its iconic premium compact design which elevates its appeal further.

The very first Mini was created in 1959 and immediately became a design icon with celebrity-like appeal in the history of pop culture and motorsports. With its deeply human appeal in its looks, visceral driving experience and accessibility, the Mini was invented with the creative use of space, coupled with the thrilling go-kart driving feeling and a design that has left a lasting impression until today.

The New MINI stays faithful to these legendary roots but is now also a current and contemporary icon, setting new benchmarks once again for emotive, premium design, clever functionality and its signature go-kart handling. 

New MINI: New Benchmarks.

The New MINI 3 Door, the New MINI 5 Door, and the New MINI John Cooper Works are introduced with the latest engines and transmissions from the BMW Group which complies with the latest Euro 6c standards for increased driving excitement and even lower fuel consumption. The New MINI also sets new benchmarks for emotive, signature design elements such as the new MINI Logo Projection, LED Headlamps and Union Jack Tail lamps with Day Time Running Lights, and new logo elements on its body to distinguish the car further from its previous iterations. 

The New MINI engines have been revised for increased driving excitement and even lower fuel consumption. Additionally, with an engine cover that has been made 13% lighter with the progressive use of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), the New MINI now offers engines that have an overall reduction of up to eight kilograms in its total weight, improving its fuel consumption radically and fully meeting the latest Euro 6c Standard.

The Coasting experience which was previously only available via the GREEN mode is also now possible in the MID mode with The New MINI. The feature intuitively shifts the engine to idle when the foot is off the accelerator pedal when cruising. With the New MINI John Cooper Works, specifically, MSA Connected adds to the fuel-saving functions with its intelligent auto start stop system, enabling the performance oriented MINI to decide whether the car is in a better position with its engine switched off or running for better efficiency.

The New MINIs are also equipped with LED headlamps and taillamps with New Daytime Running Lights for the very first time. The front beams are powered by Bi-LED lights, and at a flick of the indicator will switch the LED daytime running lights to the LED indicators. The energy-saving rear lights sport a new and stylised Union Jack that is sure to make heads turn, making no mistake to the heritage of the MINI. All headlights are enhanced with full LED technology that has been redesigned for greater brightness than the previous models.

Additionally, for the first time ever in South East Asia, MINI Malaysia introduces the award-winning MINI Yours Customised Accessories which allow retrofit components such as side scuttles, cockpit facia, LED Door Sills Finishers and LED Door Projector to be produced according to the customer’s personally designed specifications. The German Design Council recently awarded the prestigious German Innovation Award in Gold to this unique customisation offering, describing it as the ‘next level of individualisation’. The MINI Yours Customised Services can be designed and ordered at, choosing between various colours, patterns, surfaces and icons as well as adding their own text to the design.

The classic MINI logo has also been refreshed for all models with subtle modification and a sharper contrast. The re-interpretation of the existing logo now features a two-dimensional “flat design”, reflecting the new brand identity with its focus on the essentials – driving fun, distinctive design, premium quality and emotional appeal. Also, with the MINI Logo Projection, drivers are now greeted by the new logo beamed on the ground every time they step in and out of their MINI.

Seven Gears for Increased Riding Fun and Enhanced Comfort.

The New MINI Cooper S 3 Door and the New MINI Cooper S 5 Door are the first MINIs in the family to be equipped with the 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission and an electronic gear shifter.

The 7-Speed Dual Clutch Steptronic Sports Transmission consist of two sub-transmissions to ensure no delays and thus more comfort in shifting gears. With sub-transmission 1 aligned for gears 2, 4, 6, and the reverse, and sub-transmission 2 for gears 1, 3, 5, and 7, such optimum efficiency means the next gear will always have been pre-engaged on the other sub-transmission. The new transmission type is helped by the purely mechanical function of the torque converter. The expanded gears and bigger gear shift spacing also contribute to less fuel consumption and CO2 emission. Additionally, the newly designed electronic selector lever ensures that the gear always returns to its original position after changing between driving mode D, neutral position N, and reverse mode. 

The New MINI Cooper S 3 Door and the New MINI Cooper S 5 Door are powered by the 2.0-litre 4-Cylinder MINI TwinPower Turbo Engine. Both deliver up to 192HP and 280Nm of torque, with a top speed of 235km/h.

The New MINI 3 Door goes from 0 to 100km/h in 6.7 seconds with a combined CO2 emission of 125 g/km and combined fuel consumption of 5.5l/100km. Meanwhile, the New MINI 5 Door sprints from 0 to 100km/h in 6.8 seconds. The New MINI 5 Door’s combined CO2 emission is 128 g/km and its combined fuel consumption is 5.6 l/100km.

The New MINI 3 Door.

The New MINI 3 Door stands out with the 17” Cosmos Spoke in Black, where a coat of special black paint provides a more dynamic look that gives the rims a high-gloss finish and deep black paint effect.

The New MINI 3 Door prioritises digital sophistication with its Touch Screen Display with Navigation, a high-resolution screen in the MINI Centre Instrument that puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. The New MINI 3 Door comes with a 6.5” display, which can be operated via the MINI Controller or touch screen. To enhance technological offerings, the New MINI 3 Door features MINI Connected which enables owners to integrate their smart phone, smart phone apps and the MINI Connected App into their MINI. The MINI Connected App enables owners to easily check Fuel Consumption, Fuel Range and Last Known Location.

The challenges of reversing in and out of tight spots are now a thing of the past as the New MINI 3 Door is newly installed with the Rear View Camera. A complement to the existing Park Distance Control, the Camera provides a clear picture of what is behind and even guidelines to steer in the right direction.

The interior of the New MINI 3 Door comes with the backlit MINI Yours Illuminated Cockpit. The display lights up with a stylised Union Jack, offering 12 colours that are sure to suit every mood of every driver.

The interior finish of the New MINI 3 Door keeps up the MINI comfort and sophistication by being fitted out with Leather Cross Punch in Carbon Black.

 The New MINI 3 Door comes in seven colours – Chili Red, Pepper White, Solaris Orange, White Silver, Starlight Blue, Thunder Grey and British Racing Green paired with Black Roof. Alternatively, Chili Red can also be paired with White Roof.

The New MINI 5 Door.

The wheels for the New MINI 5 Door impress with the stunning high gloss 17” John Cooper Works Track Spoke in Black, exclusively developed for optimum weight support and fitted with run-flat tyres. An attractive new standard feature for the New MINI 5 Door is the John Cooper Works Aerodynamic Kit which confers the New MINI with the eye-catching rear spoiler, while ensuring the vehicle’s power stays exactly where it belongs – on the road.

As with the New MINI 3 Door, digital components such as MINI Connected, the Touch Screen with Navigation with a 6.5” display, and the Rear View Camera are all available with the New MINI 5 Door. In terms of interior finish, the New MINI 5 Door offers Leather Cross Punch Carbon Black and the Black Chequered Interior Style.

The New MINI 5 Door comes in six colours – Chili Red, Pepper White, Emerald Grey, White Silver, Starlight Blue and British Racing Green paired with Black Roof. Chili Red can also be paired with White Roof. 

The New MINI John Cooper Works.  

The New MINI John Cooper Works sits in a distinctive league of its own with several exclusive features. The new Piano Black Trim sharpens up the exterior for the New MINI John Cooper Works, offering an aggressive look that befits its rally powerhouse capabilities. 

Along with the new MINI Logo Projection, and LED Headlights and Taillights, the New MINI John Cooper Works comes equipped with the 18” John Cooper Works Cup Spoke 2-Tone and John Cooper Works Bonnet Stripes. There is also the optional Panoramic Sunroof which enables more lighting in the car, creating an ambience of openness in terms of space.

The powerful New MINI John Cooper Works is powered by a 2.0-litre 4-Cylinder MINI TwinPower Turbo Engine which generates 231hp and 320Nm of torque, enabling the car to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. Complementing the performance-oriented engine is an 8-Speed Steptronic Sports Automatic Transmission which enables the John Cooper Works model to be sportier, more efficient and comfortable due to the smaller engine speed steps. The gears can also be shifted manually through the steering wheel paddles. With this setup, a top speed of 246km/h is easily achievable with an efficiency of only 6.0l/100km of fuel and a combined CO2 emission of 137 g/km.

An offering of Adaptive Suspension as standard, enables a more controlled and precise handling of the New MINI John Cooper Works, bringing forth the performance of the Go-Kart driving feel element of the car with all the power under the bonnet and drive from the 8-Speed Steptronic Sports Automatic gearbox. 

The interior of the New MINI John Cooper Works truly completes its rally car appeal, with the Dinamica Leather John Cooper Works Racing Seats, accentuated by Chili Red colour lines, an anthracite headliner, and stainless-steel pedals. Keeping to MINI’s philosophy of personalisation, the cockpit facia of the New MINI John Cooper Works can now be further customised according to the owner’s preference. Another offering courtesy of the MINI Yours customised programme, the offering is also the first of its kind in its segment and is a true differentiator for the MINI model.

The New MINI John Cooper Works boasts a bigger 8.8” Touch Screen with Navigation and Natural Language Recognition. The innovative Natural Language Recognition recognises sentences in different variations and understands a wide range of abbreviations and even pauses, enabling easier control through voice commands. The New MINI John Cooper Works also comes with Head Up Display.

The New MINI John Cooper Works is the first car in its segment to introduce Wireless Charging for Mobile Phones. A mobile phone is automatically charged when it is placed on the wireless charging station in the centre armrest. Additional innovations include the handy MINI Find Mate, allowing owners to conveniently attach tags with wireless tracking function to important belongings, such as bags, cases and key rings. Once these items are out of range, owners will receive a notification from the MINI Connected app, showing the last known location of the tagged item, minimising forgetful moments on the go.

The New MINI John Cooper Works arrives in four colours: Rebel Green, Midnight Black and Pepper White with Red Roof, and Chili Red with Black Roof.

MINI Roadside Assistance.

The New MINI models are covered by MINI Malaysia’s 5 Years Roadside Assistance programme, available for all new MINI vehicles with a comprehensive list of services that include a 24-Hour, 365-days-a-year Accident and Help on the Phone and On the Spot Hotline, Free Towing Services and when needed (over 200KM from residential home), Replacement Vehicle, Seamless Mobility, Accommodation, Mobility Services Solutions as well as Repatriation services. 

The MINI Roadside Assistance programme can be accessed by contacting 1800-88-8808. 

MINI Service Online.

Making a service appointment has never been easier. The new online service programme will now allow customers to schedule their service needs directly at their preferred MINI Authorised Dealerships via

MINI Financing.

The New MINI is also available with a range of innovative financing options courtesy of BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia. The programmes include the MINI Full Circle Financing, MINI Straight Line Financing and MINI Balloon Financing. With MINI Balloon Financing, the monthly instalment plan of the New MINI 3 Door starts from RM 2,595.00 per month, the New MINI 5 Door from RM 2,710.00 per month, and the New MINI John Cooper Works from RM 3,247.00 per month.

The New MINI models are available at all authorised MINI dealerships nationwide from 14th July 2018.

The estimated recommended retail prices (on the road for personal registration, without insurance) of the New MINI with the MINI 4 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty with Free Scheduled Service are:

The New MINI Cooper S 3 Door: RM 226,888.00

The New MINI Cooper S 5 Door: RM 236,888.00

The New MINI John Cooper Works Hatch: RM 283,888.00

More information on the New MINI can be found at