Meet Three Super ‘Dad Entrepreneurs’

In conjunction with Father’s Day, we’d like to take this special moment to feature our favourite dadentrepreneurs who are excelling not only in their enterprises but also doing a fine job as a father.


Timothy Tiah


Image: Timothy Tiah’s Dayre

Timothy Tiah is all about family and fatherhood. While the co-founder of Netccentric and Nuffnang has been nominated in Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014, his family means the world to him.

Always wanting to be a father, he confided to Malaysia Tatler that even if he’s a billionaire but without a family of his own, he would not consider himself as successful.

Father to Jude and Penelope who are also better known as Fighter and Penny, Timothy admits that fatherhood has changed the way he runs his business. Instead of being away for work, he dreads it and tries to make his business trips as brief as possible.

Tiah also believes that life experiences play a better teacher than high academic scores to his children. Rather than focusing on grades, he teaches his children to not give up and stay committed to things they believe in.


Bryan Loo


Image: Bryan Loo’s Instagram (@bryan_chatime)

A young father to his two daughters, Bryan always emphasises the importance of family and friends in his life and he constantly says that he owes his success to his life mentor – his father.

Owning an air-conditioning business, the senior Loo was able to guide Bryan in the tough industry. His father was also supportive of Bryan’s ambition of starting a business that he personally took Bryan abroad to various trade shows to explore for ideas.

In the end, Bryan decided that he wanted to be involved in Food & Beverage industry and his father has been encouraging him all the way through. And thanks to his dad, Chatime, the bubble tea franchise Bryan brought to Malaysia, is one of the fastest growing brand today with 116 outlets across the country.


Benjamin Yong


Image: Benjamin Yong’s Instagram (@bigbenyong)

No one can deny the fact that Benjamin Yong is a proud father to the cute Blake Azalee. If you check out Benjamin’s Instagram profile (@bigbenyong), it is filled with the ever-adorable Blake.

The chief eating officer of the BIG Group spends lavishly on his princess and his wife, Elizabeth Lee-Yong, also claimed that he goes crazy shopping for toys and decorations. He even bought his own special stroller to bring Blake around Publika where he goes for work.

Looking up to his daughter and wife, he aspires to be the best husband and father to them and works hard for the family. Despite working 24/7, he would still make time to hang out with his family.

By the end of the day, he looks forward to spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter as they remind him of all the good things in life and to be grateful for all the blessings around him.

Text by Chris Tan

Images from Internet.