Marketing 101 by Chickaboo

Meanwhile on Federal Highway.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! #myGalaxyS7Edge #ostrich #federalhighway

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Video by Jeff Sandhu

How often would you see an ostrich running on the highway?

When BFM producer Jeff Sandhu recorded Chickaboo, a 6-month-old ostrich running at Federal Highway, and boy, are we in for a treat. Memes, ads and comical posts started to explode on everyone’s Facebook News Feed within minutes. Chickaboo now even has its own game on Google Play.



Image: Google Play Store

While many brands (over 140 to give you an estimation) turned this event into a creative ad of their own, many consider Huawei’s ad as the winning strike as up to this date, more than 17,000 likes, 7, 600 shares and 1,800 comments have been recorded.

And just what exactly makes Huawei’s ad an outstanding one?




 Image: Huawei Mobile MY Facebook

TEAMHW pulled this one off fantastically by making the ad relatable to every Malaysian.

But to make an ad effective to market the product as well as captivate Malaysians, you need to have an understanding of your brand and product. Matthew Ho, the Regional Marketing Director, Consumer Business Group, Huawei Southern Pacific told to Marketing Magazine Malaysia that having an in-depth understanding of the product is necessary so that brands can easily relate their products with the latest buzz.

“When the Ostrich video trended on social media, the digital marketing team at Huawei Malaysia saw it as an opportunity to respond to something which was current and relevant,” Matthew shared with Marketing.

Featuring its P9’ssharp camera autofocus, they advertise their built in-phone camera’s laser sharp autofocus to capture the speeding ostrich with the tagline, “Focus faster than a feathered fugitive.”



Image: Free Malaysia Today

We’re in a postmodern era where irony and parody now play an essential role to keep our days going. From memes to GIFs and videos, everyone needs some laughter in their lives.

We think what makes the ad a champion is its wittiness and we got to give it to TEAMHW, the newly formed PR agency by WPP, for having a sense of humour. Matthew suggested that a sense of humour helps with the brainstorming sessions.




Image: Travel Plan

When something sensational happens, you got to quickly grab it and use it to your advantage.

Everything that goes online get around fast and becomes viral once it’s attention-worthy. You would need to keep up with the pace (as well with Chickaboo’s) to constantly attract your customer’s attention.

Matthew mentioned that the whole process from brainstorming to conceptualising the idea and executing it out took less than 30 minutes.

However, Matthew advised that although speed is crucial, take time to think your ideas through. Instead of rushing your idea just because you want to be the first, make sure the marketing strategy works for both your brand and customers before making a decision.

*Text by Chris Tan