Malaysian Fintech Hellogold Showcases Financial Inclusion Product

Alongside the 74th United Nations General Assembly held on 27 September 2019, Malaysia’s HelloGold was one of the handfuls of fintechs selected from Asia to present its unique gold savings mobile application to a high profile audience from leading public, corporate and international institutions last week in New York. 

The objective of the UNSG (United Nations Secretary-General) Task Force’s inaugural event entitled “Good servant, Poor Master: Capturing the Promise and Managing the Risk of Financial Technology for a Sustainable World ” was to bring together forward-looking business and world leaders to share in the possibilities offered by financial technologies towards digital financial inclusion. 

Juita Jalaluddin, Country Head of HelloGold Malaysia speaking at the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) inaugural summit on financial inclusion held alongside the 74th UN General Assembly in New York last week.

 “A major challenge in emerging markets is access to financial products and services where the most vulnerable among us have no option but to save in cash, with many exposed to currency fluctuation and inflation. As prices go up, the majority are slowly but surely being excluded from building, much less, sustaining their wealth for the future,” said Juita Jalaluddin, Country Head of HelloGold Malaysia

“Gold is the safest way to protect the hard-earned savings of the unbanked and the underserved and our hope is to provide universal and easy access to the world’s oldest store of wealth anytime and from anywhere. By democratising gold savings, we will be able to help those in need to save today for a better tomorrow”, she added.

HelloGold was selected through the “Digital Finance for Sustainable Development Goals Challenge” organized by the UNCDF FinLab, and is one of two Malaysian companies (and the only fintech) invited to present at the summit. The selection included judges from UNCDF (UN Capital Development Fund), Bank Negara Malaysia, MDEC, and MaGIC.

In 2018, HelloGold was recognised by the World Economic Forum ASEAN for its work in financial inclusion.