KISS mineral: Be Genuine, Be You

By: Nasuha Badrul Huzaini

Individuals with sensitive skin will always find themselves stuck in between choosing a suitable product for their skin or having to deal with the aftermath of using the wrong product. As someone who is also having sensitive skin, this problem has prompted Priscilla Ooi to establish her own cosmetic brand known as KISS mineral. 

Priscilla, the Chief Operating Officer of PNC Holdings Sdn Bhd shares that her skin will flare out whenever she is in a stressful state and just like a lot of people out there, initially, she had no idea how to choose the right product to overcome her skin’s problem.

She described that her involvement in the cosmetic segment was by chance as she got to know the right supplier who supply mineral make-up when she attended a business networking event in Singapore. She vividly remembers sharing her excitement with her business partner at that time because she foresaw the huge potential they can explore in that segment.

“Based on the insights that we received from medical doctor and aesthetic medical practitioners, the option for cosmetic medical product meant for problematic skin is very limited then. Hence, my business partner and I decided to take on the opportunity seriously and we started to introduce this 100 percent pure mineral make-up range to medical centres and clinics all over Malaysia.

“KISS mineral is not just a pure mineral make-up which gives confidence and help boosting our user’s self-esteem, but the most important factor is it does not consist any toxicity ingredients. We do not believe in chemical preservatives, synthetic colouring, and fragrances as well as heavy metal ingredients. For KISS mineral, we promise to produce the products only with pure and natural ingredients,” according to Priscilla.

Delving further into entrepreneurship and her experience as an entrepreneur, Priscilla agreed that 2020 is deemed as a tough year as the world is hit by the global pandemic, Covid-19. However, she chooses to see the bright side of it too.

“Covid-19 keep us grounded. The unprecedented situation allows us to think and execute our business model differently with what has been planned beforehand. For KISS mineral, we plan to continuously expand our brand by holding to the same philosophy to the entire country and neighbouring region.

“Three years from now, KISS mineral aims to achieve RM25 million revenue and we plan to prioritize our online platform and aggressively engaging the digital marketing strategy to broaden our reach target group.

“Apart from that, we will definitely push the offline approach as well. Once the Covid-19 pandemic has waned, we want to reach out to more aesthetic and medical doctor to share about our product. Our target is to get this them subscribed at least 80 percent to our brand.

“And to further strengthen our physical existence, we also plan to have our own beauty experience centre by opening at least one centre in major towns in Malaysia. That will be our offline method that we have planned thus far,” she explained.

For a record, Priscilla Ooi is one of the recipients for 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Award 2020 organised by Armani Media Sdn Bhd.