Jianglab Entered Malaysian Book Of Records With 36-Hour Fb Live Talkathon And Celebrated The Launch Of Its New Co-Authored Book 疗商止痛

By Roubeeni Mohan

JiangLab, a powerhouse of possibilities for Malaysian businesses has launched its first co-authorised book “疗商止痛“ which translates to “Cure Business Pains”, to empower Malaysian entrepreneurs in building their businesses.

At the media event after the completion of JIANG TALK 36 LIVE (from left) Chris Tan Chur Pim – Lawyer & real estate expert, Guest-of-honour YB Tan Kok Wai – Special Envoy of Malaysia to China, Dato’ Tony Looi Chee Hong – business owner & entrepreneur, and Andrew Tan Yan Hoang – venture capitalist, educationist & business strategist.

The book ”疗商止痛” was launched at the presentation of the Malaysia Book of Records of a 36 hour non-stop live broadcast talkathon, ‘Jiang Talk 36 Live’ on Facebook.

‘‘The ‘Jiang Talk 36 Live’ is a unique platform in a safe environment to bring Malaysian entrepreneurs together, benefiting from their sharing of their knowledge in their own respective entrepreneurial journey over 36 hours, which marked the longest Facebook Live sharing session conducted in Malaysia,” said YB Tan Kok Wai, special envoy of Malaysia to China

“The 36-hour non-stop live broadcast talkathon, ‘Jiang Talk 36 Live’ on Facebook received an overwhelming response from Malaysian entrepreneurs in various industries. It has been a new experience for us in bringing Malaysians together for an enjoyable sharing session. We have so much more to share which we were unable to. The launch of the book 疗商止痛 was meant to further reach out to other budding entrepreneurs in Malaysia,” said Andrew Tan Managing Partner of venture capital firm, TinkBig Venture Limited

Jiang Talk 36 Live’ went live at 10.00pm on 16th August 2019 and ended at 10.00am on 18th August 2019 with the aim to benefit Malaysian entrepreneurs from sharing the knowledge of their own respective entrepreneurial journey.

The book 疗商止痛 is produced by JiangLab, the brainchild of three highly successful Malaysian entrepreneurs – business owner & entrepreneur Dato’ Tony Looi Chee Hong, lawyer & real estate expert Chris Tan Chur Pim and venture capitalist, educationist & business strategist Andrew Tan Yan Hoang.

Guest-of-honour, YB Tan Kok Wai presented the Malaysian Book of Records certificates to the trio at the book launch.

疗商止痛 is a book where entrepreneurs share the compelling story of their journey in building their businesses, bouncing back from failures, overcoming obstacles and embracing challenges.