How to move past failure

We all make mistakes, big and small.

But we can’t deny the fact that when failure hits us, it hurts us badly and cripples our confidence. Especially when we have tried our mighty best. We hate, fear and despise failure, because of the pain and humiliation associated with it.

Maybe you failed your first start-up business or you disappointed someone you care about. We know failures can leave a painful mark but it doesn’t have to be a deep one.

Let the emotions run

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It’s okay to feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. But ignoring what happened won’t help. It is certainly okay for you to be emotional about it. Take some time off just to be angry, upset, and frustrated so you can get the negativity out from your system. Take a couple of hours or one whole day if need be. If you need more than a day, that’s okay too but make sure you don’t let your emotions eat you up.


Start a new project

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One of the best ways to move on is getting started with something new. Filling up your time with the next task you truly like is great because there’ll be no room for negativity. Focusing on something new does take your mind off things. If you think work can be too much, you can always start with a hobby.

Also, instead of dwelling on your past mistakes, see what you can learn from them to avoid repeating the same mistake for your next project. Remember, failing doesn’t mean your world comes to a halt.


Watch a feel good movie

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This one works magnificently well. Watch any feel good movies of your liking. Movies like Chef or even the award-winning Forrest Gump can be great entertainment to fill you up while you’re feeling a little bit down. The roles and the plots, how minor or major they can be, might just inspire you and set a new goal or target for yourself. Apart from inspirational plots, humour can also lift your spirits.

And guess what? It’ll be totally a great excuse for you to be in your pyjamas and have a big glass of wine with a slice of pizza while you soak in your favourite scenes or quotes.


Get out there

Go out! Do something with your friends. If you prefer to be left alone, check yourself into a resort for a few days, go for long drives, exercise, window shop, buy yourself a gift or go watch a random stage production. Instead of moping, these activities can increase your adrenaline and kick in some instant gratification.


By Chris Tan