How to make your business mobile-savvy

Many enterprises are not fully aware of the great impacts of mobile technology including smart phones and tablets as they usually limit their online presence to the realm of their desktop computers.

Large-screen websites work perfectly on desktop but they don’t necessarily work on mobile devices which affects the content display. A bad mobile experience would definitely put your potential clients off your products and services.

Making your mobile website easy and convenient is a priority to creating a successful business. When your website runs smoothly on mobile devices, it enhances your selling point and encourages potential users to make a return visit.

To create a user-friendly mobile experience, look at our quick tips:


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Your content needs to be resized to fit the mobile screen which is around a tenth of the size of a desktop. That way, users don’t have to purposely scroll horizontally. Also, keep the content concise. Don’t clutter pages with images and information to avoid discouraging customers from exploring your mobile website. You should use fonts that are readable too so that users do not deliberately have to zoom in and out all the time.


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Users are likely to expect the content to load quickly on their mobile devices. Avoid using large image files or excessive amounts of images. You can also refer to site designs that provide image resizing options. Remove elements that will slow down the mobile experience too, such as banners, videos and GIF files.


Easy Navigation

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Mobile customers are always looking for a quick answer. So don’t make your potential buyers struggle to find a product, phone number or other important details. Think thoroughly about the navigation option so users can browse through your site easily without getting discouraged. Consider the mobile user’s attention span when deciding on the amount of information and images to include.


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Links need to be easy to click without any accidental ones popping up. Buttons, links and anything clickable should be spaced far apart so the correct link can be easily tapped. Make sure the links guide users to the intended virtual destinations for a pleasant mobile experience.

Advertisement or Promotions

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This can be extremely efficient (if properly managed) or extremely annoying. Try to not have ads popping up to cover the entire mobile site as soon as the consumer opens the page. Alternatively, it should also be easy to close (with) down when it comes up. Same goes to subscription or registration pop ups. They can hamper the whole mobile experience for anyone.