Help Others to Help Your Business

Research has shown that doing good deeds for others is good for the soul. As a matter of fact, if you’re feeling down, you can elevate your mood by doing something that improves another person’s way of life.

For businesses, performing charity giving has a number of benefits: you increase your business’s presence in the community, networking connection and marketing opportunities. Your workplace morale will improve too as each person feels that they’re making a difference in the community through your company.

As a business owner, you have the power to go against poverty, human rights violations and much more. Both small and big businesses can make the world a better place, not only by offering great products or services, but also by actively collaborating with charity organizations to help people in need and strengthen your community.

Free Publicity

Supporting a local cause and sponsoring a charity event or organization is a great way to do some good while getting your name out in your community.

So instead of handing that money over to a media or advertising service, you’re presenting your company in a positive light by sponsoring or donating to the community and show that you care about them.

Image: #MyMercyRun 

The recent charity run #MyMERCYRun 2016 hosted by Mercy Malaysia had big sponsors like Milo and Revive. And sponsoring for athletic event as such goes in line with Milo’s and Revive’s product that is to revitalize athletes and runners from their run. Great marketing strategy, won’t you agree?

Positive Vibes Attract Customers

Giving back to your community will help you to build stronger and lasting relationships with your existing customers. And you might also gain new ones. A study has shown that customers are 85 percent more likely to buy a product that is linked to a charity.

Participating in charity shows your customers that you care about your community. Giving a regular portion of your profit for good causes is a great way to gain support from your customers and create new marketing opportunities to extend your reach.

Image: RedOne

For instance, RedOne, the telco service provider, has introduced charity mobile package which allows new subscribers to donate a minimum of RM2 every month to beneficiary schools when they sign up for the Charity Data 8, Charity 8, Charity 48 or Charity 88 mobile plan.

RedOne’s mission is to raise RM500,000 for 10 Chinese primary schools in Sabah through its charity dinner to support Chinese education and to raise awareness of the company’s charity programs.

The Power of Networking

It can be difficult to break the ice with new prospects when comes to networking. Through working for charitable causes, you can create new contacts and immediately have something to talk about with them. By working together with other business for a noble reason, you can encourage opportunities to work together in the future.

Image: New Straits Times

Recently, L’Oreal Professionnel’s held Hair Fashion Night, a charity event combined with Colour for Life, the brand’s local initiative to help children living with HIV. The biggest fashion charity event to be held the in Asia Pacific, L’Oreal grabbed the opportunity to collaborate with not only other brand’s salons-alike to promote the world of hairdressing but also with some of the biggest names such as shoe designer Datuk Jimmy Choo as well as fashion designers Datuk Tom Abang Saufi, Eric Choong and Melinda Looi.