Empowering businesswomen through an entrepreneurial platform

By Nasuha Badrul Huzaini

Jean Tham, a devoted mother of three children and the founder of PX Global Sdn Bhd understands well the struggles and challenges that any woman must go through in order to be successful in their career whilst staying committed to their commitment as a mother.

The businesswoman could relate to the hurdles simply because she used to be in the same position as well.

According to Jean, her company operates five fast-fashion brands of rimless underwear, known as Belle Lingerie and one new retail team focused on a French luxury bag brand called CiCi.

“Five years ago, I started building my own agency team after operating a physical women’s clothing store and transformed it into online sales. Along the way, I experienced failures which led to huge debt amounting to 6 digits.

“However, the bitter process did not stop me from keep on thriving. I have been learning and optimizing my business’s development from day one until today,” said Jean.

As an entrepreneur, Jean regards her career as very meaningful and valuable to her because the platform allowed her to help more women to start their own business and find their goals as well as passion and love for life.

“If I were to give some advice to those who wanted to start their venture in entrepreneurship, I would suggest them to “Start with The End” which means, they need to have a clear result that they wish to achieve.

“This includes few aspects such as own positioning, brand and company positioning, all must be very clear and focused. You also must keep on learning and be in the right circle. With this, you may be able to get twice the result with half the effort,” said Jean.  

When asked about her expectation for the company’s operation, Jean said she hopes the company can create more talents and bring more values and contributions to the society.

“Currently, we are working hard to achieve our goals that we have set up higher these days. To achieve the goals, I am inspired to strive for more opportunities to ensure more women can taste success and be able to go for their dreams, together with us,” she said.

Moving forward, in three years time, Jean aims to be Malaysia’s online and offline prominent brand as well as expanding her business to foreign countries.