Common Internet Age Injuries

As a busy entrepreneur, it is easier to neglect exercising than it is to make the effort to head to the gym after clocking in vigorous working hours. This may be true, but the side effects of working too long at your desk can lead to computer related injuries if you’re not careful.

Check out the most common injuries you could face and how you can avoid them with simple exercises below:

Musculoskeletal Disorders (Hand, wrist and arm pain)


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  •  Holding a position for too long
  •  Repetitive motions without a break (clicking on a mouse)
  •  Direct pressure on a nerve or tendon

Exercise tips:


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  • With both your arms stretched in front of you, pull the back of your fingers on your left hand towards your body.
  • Your palm should face outwards.
  • Hold for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat on the opposite arm.


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  • This time with your arms in the same position, pull down the back of your hand.
  • Your palm should face your body.
  • Hold for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat on the opposite arm.

You can also opt to have frequent water breaks. Walk to a water fountain in your office to break up your static sitting position and any localised pressure in your arm and wrist joints. This will also avoid any numbness in muscles and will help lubricate joints.

If your office has no water fountains (get one!), make it a point to have a walk around the office or walk to your nearest 7Eleven or mamak for some teh o ais, kurang manis!


Posture related injuries (Back, neck and shoulder pain)


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  • Poor workstation design
  • Bad sitting posture

Exercise tips:

Seated Heart Opener stretch:


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  • Begin by sitting on your heels.
  • Place your palms flat on the floor about 10 inches behind you with your fingertips pointing away from your body and lean back.
  • Press your palms firmly onto the floor and lift your chest high.
  • Arch your back and push your hips into your heels.
  • Hold for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat 3 times.

Besides stretching, it might be useful to get yourself educated on ergonomics and how you can better support your spine, back and wrist with the furniture in your office.




  • Staring at computer screen for too long
  • Staring at a screen that is too bright

Exercise tips:



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  • Rub your hands together for 10 seconds or until they feel warm.
  • Gently place your palms over your eyes in a cupping position without touching the eyeballs directly.
  • You can hold it for a few seconds or up to a few minutes.

Focus shifting:


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  • Hold one arm straight out in front and give yourself a thumbs up.
  • Focus your eyes on your thumb.
  • Slowly move your thumb towards your nose while maintaining your focus on it.
  • Move until you can no longer focus on your thumb, then pause for three seconds.
  • Lengthen your arm again to its original position while still focusing on your thumb.

Remember it is easy to get these injuries at work, but it is just as easy to avoid them. Take frequent breaks and do small exercises and stretches whenever you can!

*Text by Nazlin Amirudin