blogAnyone can be a blogger. But not everyone can turn their blog into a revenue-generating machine. If you’re planning to monetize your blog and start building your riches, these tips are what you need.

Blog for the Right Reasons

Have the right intent. Put passion ahead of money. Readers can see through a blog that intends to generate money right away. If you start writing about something you’re passionate about, readers can see through that passion. Money will come afterwards as your reward.

Be Real and Consistent

No blog is ever perfect. But there are blogs that are authentic such that their message resonates through their audience. So feel free to test around. Retain what works and improve what isn’t. You also have to commit to consistent publishing to keep your audience engaged.

Link to Social Media

Social media is one powerful platform for content distribution. That’s especially if you find one or two where you can connect with your audience. You don’t have to be in all social media platforms. Capitalise on one or two, share relevant content, and engage with your audience.

Aim to Educate

Focus on your industry and identify the most pressing issues in it. After identification, craft a blog post for each. Not only will you become a thought leader in your field but people will also use your blog as a tool for education.

Be Knowledgeable

Don’t write about something you’re not knowledgeable about. Instead write something you’re passionate about. Yes, there are a lot of health, food, and travel blogs out there but one thing that will set you apart is your passion in writing. Your audience will see, feel, and appreciate that.

Be a Standout

For sure, there’s something about you that gives people are reason to come back each time. Be that your writing style, your topic, your images or videos, etc. it will reflect on your blog thereby giving you the edge of uniqueness.