App Event Optimization: 2 reasons why you should use it for your business

a-1You see apps everywhere. Where there’s a smartphone, that’s where you’ll see apps. Mobile apps can bring long-term value to businesses especially when the right people download them. According to Facebook, almost 90% of time spent on mobile is spent in apps and 58% of mobile purchases in the United States are made through apps.

And here in Malaysia, the average smartphone user spends about three hours a day on their phones and consuming data of about 323MB each time, according to Vserv.

However, despite the high usage of smartphone, is anyone really using the apps they download? 

According to Localytics, 61 percent of users stopped using the apps a month later after they’ve downloaded. 

Unfortunately, not every person who installs an app will take actions within it such as making a purchase, booking a trip or reaching a certain level within a game. These actions can be extremely valuable to app developers and business owners.

As mobile app evolve, it’s increasingly important for developers to connect with the people who are likely to not just download their apps but to take valuable actions within them.

And to help businesses to reach out to these highly valued, potential customers, Facebook launched a new product known as the App Event Optimization. And we’re going to tell you why you should consider the App Event Optimization if your business comes in the form of app.

Reaching out to high-value customers

App Event Optimization gives developers the tools they need to attract users who are most likely to take action.

Because so many people engage with adverts across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network, Facebook is able to determine whether a person is likely to take actions based on historical data and people with similar characteristics.

Through App Event Optimization, advertisers can deliver adverts to the people who are likely to take valuable actions within their apps.

This feature really is useful for advertisers seeking for loyal users who will bring more value over time. Not only do the adverts bring value to business, they can benefit to potential users who find the app to be useful to them.

Actions speak louder than words

App Event Optimization gives advertisers the ability to target ads to people who are most likely to take a specific action within the app like registering an account, add something to their shopping cart, make a purchase, or complete a game level.

This will then increase your revenue and profits. And you’re growing your business beyond the app installs.

After all, app developers don’t just want high downloads of their apps but actual customers who will spend time with the app and take meaningful actions.