7 Reasons why #AHBA can grow your business

1. The very 1st Halal Brand Award in Asia.

Being the 1stever Halal Brand Award in Asia sets the exclusiveness in becoming the 1staward recipient. An award also certifies your place in the industry, especially if the award has been judged by industry leaders and experts in that field.

2. Get brand recognition and visibility throughout Asia.

With the AHBA, your business will get brand recognition across Asia. By having the AHBA, it is more of a natural way in advertising your business throughout Asia setting you on high visibility. 

3. Increase brand presence in Asia

AHBA award allows you to benchmark your business against others and truly stand out from the crowd. It helps in providing high brand presence and footprint in Asia.

4. Endorsements from governing bodies like Jakim & HDC 

Being endorsed by governing bodies such as JAKIM and HDC will be a huge boost to the business as it comes from a well-known source which have a huge influence on the industry as they are the gateway for all halal industry in Malaysia.

5. Build and strengthen brand trust and customer loyalty.

Knowing that your business is skilled and recognized for its work, team, product or service encourages customer loyalty and drives sales. This helps in building the strength and trust between the business and the consumers. 

6. Judged by some of the most respected industry leaders.

To ensure the judging process lives up the exclusiveness of the award, the is judged by professionals of the industry. This controls the quality of the award and the 

7. Reach new markets and expand the  current customer base.

The AHBA allows you to improve your business from the inside by expanding the current customer base and reach new markets while ensuring consumers would pick your business over others.

▶To learn more about AHBA – Asia Halal Brand Awards, visit : www.ahba.asia

▶To make your nomination, visit : www.ahba.asia/register