5 Signs of friends that dont have your back

These are telling cards of the people you need to get rid off from your life. Having the right support system can totally elevate you, but any negativity can be harmful. It’s never easy to let go of friends, especially those you’ve been close with. But rather than let them destroy you in the long run with self-doubt and insecurity, get rid of them before the worst happens, to you.


1. When the issue is always money.

These guys will always ask for things, favours and money and will almost always not return the favour. Stick with those that got your back through thick and thin.



2. When words are always, well, just words. Not actions.

Talk is cheap; and we all have that one person in cliques that is always all-talk-no-action. In other words, they never follow through with their promises and always leave you high and dry.



3. When they’re riding on your good fortunes and only your good fortunes.

These guys will always show up and be consistently present when you’re on your high horse. When you fall though, which you better hope you don’t, you’ll be nothing more than the dirt on the sole of their shoes.



4. When they always compare how you’re doing against them.

They’re always on your case when you’re doing well for yourself. They bring up how you’re doing better than them and how you’ve moved up the ranks from them. Real friends wouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable about yourself.



5. When you start doubting yourself because of them.

If these friends make you question yourself, on whether you are doing them wrong, don’t fret; it’s almost always a lacking on their part. Good friends should inspire, elevate and be happy for you.